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Law Enforcement

Cold Cases

Have your unsolved homicide and rape cases been recently evaluated against current forensic testing capabilities?  Sequencing technology might provide an old case with a new lead.

Missing Persons

Have a missing person in your jurisdiction?  Upload their information to the major repositories, clearinghouses and databases.

Sexual Assaults

No CODIS hit?  Sending the DNA extract for analysis can identify the suspect using genetic genealogy.

Exploited Children

Have a case involving a child? Seek additional assistance and funding with the National Council on Missing and Exploited Children.

Unidentified Human Remains

No ID from odontologist or forensic anthropologist?  Submit a sample for testing and identify the deceased with genetic genealogy.  


Want to fund the formation of a Cold Case Unit, a Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) Team or finance staff training for genetic genealogy?  Get help signing up for and applying to multiple federal and state government grants.

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